Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts
Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts
Heena Rahil Johari
Professor for Fashion Designing Basic Course
Professor for Creative Gift Packaging Course

Owner and founder of Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts. Started as a commerce graduate. A Diploma in fashion Designing from IITC, Hairstylist from Javed Habib, Cooking Chef skills, Event Management, and a bundle of courses to her resume. Experience of 13 years in the fashion industry from fashion tutor, freelance designer, fashion stylist, makeover expert, pursuing her creative hobbies, and mastering new skills with time. Also experienced in other fields like Human resource development, restaurant, and hotel management. Her passion is creativity and lives with it. To summarize a successful woman in many fields with her hard work and dedication.

Humera Madhiya
Professor for Fashion Designing Advance Course

She is one of the most sought after top couture designers. A Degree holder in Fashion Designing from B.D.Somani College. Experience of 10 years in the fashion world and an endless number of courses below her belt. Her creations speak about her, a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary. She is exactly what the millennial fashion is looking forward to.

Professor for Makeup Artistry Course

She is working in the Beauty Industry for over 7 years now. Her passion is to make one feel great about themselves. Professionally educated and trained by B Blunt thereafter 4 years of experience working with them. She has always been fascinated by the world of color, fashion, and beauty. This fascination has led her to develop an interest and expertise in this field. She is a well-known hair colorist and co-owner of Stunnery Salon, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.