Course Fees
Rs 35,000/- 8,500/-

Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts
Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts


The form of designing which touches the lives of almost everyone is Fashion Designing. We all design our wardrobe to suit our every need, be it for climatic, cultural, festive, or for that special look. Fashion is an expression of your thoughts, your opinions that draw attention, create images & impressions. It has the timeless mystery of seduction leading to changes in personality. A Fashion Designer is a key to the world of Fashion & Styles. If you possess a flair for design, have a creative urge to experiment with colors & fabrics. If you enjoy the competitive spirit of selling, then fashion may be the right thing for you. Online Fashion Designing Course is a must for all Fashion designing enthusiasts who are serious in making Fashion Designing their prime career.

Fashion designing course-E Diploma level 1

Course Duration-3 Months

Career Opportunities

Students successful in completion of the diploma program for Fashion Designing can develop a fruitful career in the field of fashion production, design, as well as manufacturing